There is Lamborghini Fast – And then there is Bugatti Fast - Video

Just how fast is a Bugatti Veyron? In this drag race, the Veyron bogs down at the start, allowing the 4WD Lamborghini to gain a substantial early lead. Then all-of-a-sudden the Bugatti's 1001hp kicks in and.... Click 'Read more' for video.

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LaFerrari Hypercar Races Tesla and Rimac on Video – You Won't Believe the Result!

Ferrari's La Ferrari is considered one of the best of the current generation of V-12 gasoline-engined hypercars.  In numbers, 'Road and Track' magazine tested its 0-60mph time at 2.4 seconds. So it should be more than a match for a drag race against a Tesla and the new car from Croatian start-up manufacturer 'Rimac'. Let's see......

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Incredible 'Barn Finds' That Made Millions #1 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster 1925

This Bugatti lay at the bottom of Lake Maggiore for 73 years then sold for $360,000 at a Bonhams Auction in 2010.

Incredible 'Barn Finds' That Made Millions... #1 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster 1925...

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New Mercedes-Maybach 2-Door Coupe Will Be a Massive 6 Meters Long - Details

The new Maybach 6 Coupe 2-Door concept will be a massive 6 meters long - That's nearly 20' - But new teaser pix show the overall proportions to be in keeping. Mercedes have revived the Maybach name for the new coupe and it looks like they will also be reviving their century old competition with Rolls-Royce. More details......

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