Aston Martin DB11 - Photos Leaked Before Geneva Debut

Photos of the new Aston Martin DB11 have just leaked onto the interweb ahead of the cars Geneva Show debut. Click 'Read more' for a full gallery of images....

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New Bugatti Chiron - Comes with a 'Drift' mode - Oh Yes!

Read about the new 1500 HP Bugatti Chiron and buy poster sized digital files – Click 'Read more'...

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New Top Gear Team - A Little Too "Correct", Maybe

For a show that once represented the opposite of "political correctness" – The 'Magnificent Seven' list of new Top Gear presenters, revealed today, might seem just a tad too "over correct". Yes we have a woman, yes we have a black man, yes we have a nerd, yes we have an unknown – And so on. This has already hit the interweb and has resulted in the very cynical 'meme' above.

So, we have a cast list but do we have a show worth watching? We eagerly await the first program and the public's response. Big shoes guys!

If you are wondering who's onboard here is the BBC's press release..... (click on 'Read More')

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