Chrysler Portal Concept is the Minivan 'Millenials' Will Not Be Driving - FCA

Hello kids - Here is Chrysler's vision of the car you won't be driving when you grow up and wonder what a drivers license was. Introducing the Portal Concept minivan....

Making its real-world debut during a press conference at CES on January 3, the FCA Portal is a cutting-edge autonomous, concept minivan designed with transporting millennials in mind.
It is not surprising that Chrysler, the company that is credited as the inventor of the US minivan (and the only US manufacturer who still produces one), should use a minivan as the basis for its autonomous car, especially as it's aimed at drivers who are currently being driven to school in something very similar. (more after next image)

This Portal Concept, can drive itself but only under certain conditions, such as on the highway or in heavily congested queues. That's because it uses current generation autonomous driving tech (read - close to a production reality) but Chrysler have plans to make the system ‘future proof’ so updates are likely.
The Japanese tech company, Panasonic are involved in the concept, providing much of the software such as an internal wireless network allowing driver and passengers to share music, images, video and data with one another, 'turning road trips into social memories,' as Chrysler puts it. (more after next image)

As for the drivetrain - This is all-electric with a stated range of 250 miles per charge from a 100KwH battery - With potential additions adding up to 150 miles range on a 20 minute ‘Fast’ charge. The lack of a conventional drivetrain means the Portal Concept is slightly smaller overall than the current Pacifica minivan whilst offering similar internal space. (more after next image)

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